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BALTIMORE (14) Sloop Built in 1742, Deptford.
Sold in 1762.

  • 1742 Cdr BOYS or BOYCE 1743 Cdr. Edward RICH. In December he was ordered to cruise off Oporto; and while on passage he fell in with and captured a Spanish privateer armed with six carriage and fourteen swivels. Still off Oporto on 8 July 1744 BALTIMORE was chased by a snow which coming within gunshot, discovered that BALTIMORE was not a merchant ship and hauled her wind. Capt. RICH gave chase and in an hour came within pistol shot. In an action, yardarm to yardarm, which lasted two hours, she struck her colours and proved to be a French snow privateer of ten 4-pounder carriage guns and 96 men. Called NYMPHE, Abraham Vernueil, commander, she was fitted out in Bordeaux. BALTIMORE had one man killed and one wounded, the prize had fifteen killed and wounded.
  • From the Admiralty Office, July 3rd. 1744
  • His majesty's sloop BALTIMORE, Capt. RICH, being on a cruise off the coast of Portugal, saw a privateer in shore, on 9th. May, to which he gave chace, and run on some rocks; he then sent his boats in with his Lieutenant and 38 men to destroy her, and after a smart fire, drove her men ashore, took possession and got her off the rocks. She was a brigantine of four carriage guns and 8 swivels, and rowed with 30 oars.
  • 1744 Capt. Thomas CLELAND, Deptford.
  • 1746 Cdr. Richard HOWE.
  • Tuesday, March the 1st. 1746.
  • The Baltimore, capt. Richard Howe, went up towards Killarndy Barns in order to protect the landing of our men. He fired several shot, and threw some cohorn shells, and set one hovel on fire; but could not attempt landing, for the rebels were entrenched by a hollow road, or rill, and in great numbers. The Baltimore's guns, being only four pounders, had no effect on the stone walls on these barns, which the rebels had loop-holed. We brought our people back without any damage.
  • On 1 May the sloops BALTIMORE and TERROR, with the GREYHOUND were severely handled by two large French privateers waiting off the coast of Lochaber for fugitives from the Scottish rebels. Cdr. HOWE was badly wounded.
  • Converted to a bomb in 1758.
  • 1758 Cdr. Robert JOCELYN, who was a lieutenant in the ROYAL GEORGE. He was promoted to be a post-captain in LENNOX on 9 February 1759 1759 Cdr. Robert CARPENTER.

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