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ANSON (64) 3rd rate Built in 1781, Plymouth DY.
Wrecked in 1807.

  • 1781 Capt. William BLAIR. She joined Sir George RODNEY's squadron sailing for the West Indies in December and took part in the great battle with de Grasse on 12 April 1782 known as the 'Battle of the Saintes'. The French planned an attack on Jamaica. British frigates watching Port Royal in Martinique reported the fleet had sailed on 8 April and RODNEY sailed immediately and came up with French on the 12th. When the French became becalmed and gaps appeared in their line, RODNEY was able to take FORMIDABLE, and the five ships behind him, through the line in two places. HOOD, with 12 ships followed. The French lost six ships captured, two damaged in collisions. Six French post-captains were killed but only two British, one being Capt. BLAIR (Capt. Lord Robert MANNERS of RESOLUTION was mortally wounded)
  • 1782 Capt. J. RODNEY, to Barbados on 8th. December 1782.
  • At Chatham in 1794 she was "razzed" by removing one deck and converting her to a 38-gun frigate.

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