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ANNE GALLEY (8) Fireship Built in 1739, ex- merchant.
Expended off Toulon in 1744 .

  • 1739 Cdr. Richard HUGHES 1741 Cdr. James HODSELL, Port Mahon, John SINCLAIR and Charles GUBBINS died at Mahon Hospital. Off Cape St. Vincent in June. under Commodore Richard LESTOCK in the Mediterranean.
  • 1744 Cdr. MACKIE. With Vice Ad. LESTOCK's rear division of Ad. Thomas MATTHEW's fleet in action with the Franco-Spanish fleet in the outer road of Toulon on 11 February. The ANNE GALLEY was ordered to burn the REAL FELIPE, 114, which was disabled but refusing to surrender. The little fireship was repeatedly struck by shot from the Spanish vessels until she was in a sinking condition and an enemy launch was attempting to tow her away, when she was set on fire about a cable's length from the enemy flagship and blew up prematurely, killing Cdr. MACKIE, a lieutenant, gunner and 18 men, plus 50 Spaniards in the launch.

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