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ANGLESEA (44) 4th rate Built in 1742, Hull.
Captured in 1745.

  • 1742 Capt John BRETT, November 1742, from ROEBUCK. Removed to SUNDERLAND in April 1744.
  • 1745 Capt. Jacob ELTON, cruising in the Channel. On 29 March he fell in with a French privateer, APOLLO, commanded by a Capt. Belleisle. APOLLO was superior to ANGLESEA, being a fifty-four gun ship with 500 men; she also resembled a British warship and ANGLESEA, taken by surprise, was not cleared for action when she was fired on. Capt. ELTON and his 1st. lieutenant were killed early in the action and, after sixty of the crew of 200 had been killed or wounded, Lieut. PHILLIPS surrendered the ship. A court martial on 25 June which lasted for two days, sentenced Lieut. PHILLIPS to death for quitting the deck, which he admitted having done so in the hope of persuading the surviving part of the crew to return to their quarters at the guns. He was shot on 19th. July.

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