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ALDBOROUGH (20) Built in 1706, Blackwall.
Rebuilt in 1727.
Broken up in 1743.

  • 1712? Capt. Thomas ELKINS or EKINS. He had been restored to the service after being dismissed after a court martial for having taken a quantity of gold dust out of a Dutch Guineaman at sea. He faced another court martial on 26 June 1712 for an unspecified offence and was dismissed for a second time.
  • 1716 Capt James STEWART, cruising in the Hebrides to prevent supplies reaching the rebels in Scotland. He removed to the ROYAL ANNE galley in 1717.
  • 1728 Capt. John GASCOIGNE, 25 Jan.
  • 1728 Capt. Edward BAKER. 15 March.
  • On 16 June 1734 ALDBOROUGH, Capt. James OGLETHORPE, arrived at St. Helen's from Savanna, Georgia. As passengers she carried Tomo Chachi-mico, or king of Yamacraw, his queen and his nephew, a war captain and five other Indian chiefs, who had an audience their majesties and the royal family on the 1st. August, and were entertained by persons of distinction.
  • 1735 Capt. Nicholas ROBINS.
  • 1738 Capt. George POCOCK. Appointed to ALDBOROUGH on 1 August 1738 On 1 August the 32 year old Capt. George POCOCK was appointed he was immediately ordered to the Mediterranean, where he served under Mr HADDOCK until 1741. He removed to WOOLWICH in August 1742.
  • 1743 Capt. John PITMAN, 8 February. During the spring of 1743 she was employed as a cruiser and captured a valuable French prize from Martinique bound for Le Havre de Grace.

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