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ALARM (32) 5th rate Built in 1758, Harwich.
Broken up in 1812.

  • 1761 Capt. John RUSHWORTH. He was appointed at the beginning of the year and was employed as a cruiser. He captured a small cutter privateer from Cherbourg named the LUTINE with eight guns and 68 men.
  • 1761 Capt. George TINDALL For a short period he removed to ALARM from the DEAL CASTLE and then returned to his former command.
  • "In the middle of November 1761 the duke of York, attended by lord ANSON and several noblemen, gentlemen of the admiralty and navy boards, were at Woolwich, to examine his majesty's ship ALARM, whose bottom is entirely plated over with copper to preserve her from worms in southern climates; this is the first ship ever done in this manner; this sheathing is extremely neat and curious, without being heavy or very expensive, and gave great satisfaction."
  • 1762 Cdr. (acting capt.) James ALMS. As 1st. lieutenant of MARS in the action with de Conflans in November 1759 he had been promoted to commander and in February 1762 was sent out to the West Indies in ALARM . He took part in the attack on Martinique and afterwards captured two French corvettes, one of 18 guns and the other 12. On 2 May 1762, during the expedition against Havana, ALARM and ECHO (34), were ordered to lie ahead of the fleet on the Cayo Sal Bank where they sighted, and gave chase to, five vessels. ALARM being the fastest sailor soon came up with two Spanish ships, the PHOENIX (22), with 180 men, and THETIS (18), a store ship, with 75 men, escorting two schooners and a brigantine to Suga for wood. He engaged and compelled both to surrender after about three quarters of an hour. PHOENIX had 10 killed and 14 wounded. ECHO captured a brig and a schooner. Mr ALMS had several musket balls through his hat and one wounded him, not seriously, in the knee. ALARM lost 7 killed and 20 wounded. (Sir George POCOCK in a letter gives ALARM 's casualties as 10 killed and 14 wounded.
  • Although he continued to distinguish himself during the siege of Havana he was not confirmed as a post-captain until he was appointed to the LEVANT in June 1765.
  • 1762 Capt. Charles WOLSELEY.
  • 1777 Capt. William HAY, on the Mediterranean station.
  • Letter from Gibraltar, May 1st. 1777
  • Yesterday a schooner coming from Cadiz with money on board (about 10,000 dollars) wine, and other articles for the garrison, was boarded and taken by a Spanish guardship. The English commodore (Captain Hay of the Alarm) on seeing Spanish colours hoisted on the schooner, sent boats from our fleet to retake her. She was so closely chased by them as to run ashore on the coast of Spain within reach of their guns. A barge with twelve men armed with muskets, and commanded by the Master of the Alarm, came up with her. Many shots were fired by the Spaniards, some of which took place in the boat. They were returned by our sailors, who boarded the vessel and took out the money.
  • 1782 Capt. C. COTTON, Jamaica.

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