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AETNA (8) Sloop, ex-fireship Purchased in 1756.
Sold in 1763.

  • 1758 Cdr. George BALFOUR. At the siege of Louisburg. On the night of 25 July Cdr. BALFOUR was ordered by Ad. BOSCAWEN to command one of the two divisions of boats carrying, 600 seamen in all, sent into Louisburg harbour to cut out the two remaining French warships, PRUDENTE (74), and BIENFAISANT (64). The other division was commanded by Capt. LEFOREY of HUNTER. BALFOUR's division boarded BIENFAISANT and captured her after short but spirited encounter. LAFOREY, finding that the PRUDENTE was aground with seven feet of water in the hold, set her on fire and proceeded to help BALFOUR tow BIENFAISANT out of range of the shore batteries. She was secured in the north-east harbour until the following day when Cdr. BALFOUR was promoted to post-captain and placed in command of her. The same day the governor of Louisburg offered to surrender.
  • 1759 Cdr. Richard BICKERTON. With Ad. BOSCAWEN's fleet off Gibraltar which, on 18 August, engaged seven French ships under de la Clue. Eight of his ships had parted company during the night without orders and entered Cadiz and he thought that the British ships coming up behind him were his own vessels. De la Clue's flagship OCEAN (80), and the REDOUTABLE (74), were burnt, two 74s and a 64 were taken and two 74s escaped. On 21 August 1759, Cdr. BICKERTON was promoted to be captain of CULLODEN, vice Smith CALLIS for the purpose of giving him rank as a post-captain.

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