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ADVICE (48) Built in 1650, Pett, Woodbridge.
Rebuilt in 1698, Woolwich.
Captured in 1711.

  • 1703? Capt. Salmon MORRICE, MAURICE or MORRIS. In June 1704 he captured a small French warship of 18 guns which was taken into the service as the ADVICE PRIZE.
  • 1706 Capt. John LOWEN. While acting as a cruiser in November he encountered a fleet of merchant ships homeward bound from Virginia in some distress after parting from their convoy. He quitted his station in order to escort them safely into port. For this action he was brought before a court-martial at Spithead on 27 December and sentenced, in strict accordance with the law, to be dismissed the service, although the court did draw the attention of the Lord High Admiral to his case. In 1710 he was restored to his rank and half-pay but he was not employed again.
  • 1711 Capt. Kenneth, Lord DUFFUS. On 27 June ADVICE was attacked in Yarmouth road by eight privateers. By half past ten five of them came close alongside and hoisted French colours. At eleven they engaged, most lying on the quarters of ADVICE, relieving each other while the rest kept astern, so they kept up a continuous fire. His lordship engaged them with great bravery till all his sails and rigging were torn to pieces. He was forced to strike after two thirds of his men were either killed or wounded and he had received five balls in his body. The privateers took ADVICE back to Dunkirk where both officers and men were stripped of their clothes and would have been left naked if had not been for the kindness of the inhabitants.
  • (Lord Druffus retired from the navy after he returned from captivity. He took part in the rebellion of 1715, escaped abroad, but was taken in Hamburg and imprisoned in the Tower of London. He forfeited his title and estates and became a flag officer in the Russian Navy.)

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