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ADVENTURE Hired armed ship No details.
  • 1757 Cdr. John BRAY. She was employed as a cruiser to protect the coasting trade against small privateers. On 1 January 1758 ADVENTURE was lying at anchor in Dungerness Road when a snow was discovered reaching for the Ness. She later proved to be the MACHAULT privateer, armed with fourteen nine pounders and carrying 182 men. Cdr. BRAY cleared for action and engaged the enemy a little after 2 o'clock, laying ADVENTURE athwart hawse, the other's bowsprit coming between his main and mizzen masts. His mizzen top-sail sheet was passed through the enemy's bob-stay and made fast. In this situation the action depended on small arms and, after an hour. the French, although superior in numbers, surrendered after losing 40 men killed and wounded. ADVENTURE had one man killed and two wounded. Cdr. BRAY was promoted on 6 January 1758 to the command of PRINCESS AMELIA (80), flying the broad pennant of Commodore DURELL. It was said at the time that Christopher Allison, the master under the charter agreement, did not receive his fair share of credit for his conduct during the action.

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