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ADVENTURE (32) Built in 1646, Woolwich.
Rebuilt as (44) in 1691, Chatham.
Captured in 1709.

  • 1695 John WARELL or WORRELL, was appointed to command ADVENTURE on 9 April but was not ranked as a post-captain until he was appointed to CHATHAM on 23 December following.
  • On 9 April 1703 ADVENTURE and SALISBURY, Capt. Richard COTTON, came into the Bay of Gibraltar with the trade from Goree in Holland. The following day Capt. COTTON observed seven sail bearing down on him with English colours. They proved to be one Spanish and three French men-of-war and three privateers. ADVENTURE was astern and SALISBURY endeavoured to edge down all she could to assist the rear of the fleet with which was a hired store ship of considerable force, named the MUSCOVIO MERCHANT, Cdr. Daniel PARSONS jun.; but she, without making the least resistance, struck to the enemy. ADVENTURE, to save herself, had to stand away with all the sail she could carry. For two hours SALISBURY carried on the action before, disabled and with heavy casualties, she was forced to strike. The enemy squadron was commanded by Mons. St. Paul.
  • 1706 Capt. Edmund HICKS, North Sea. With Capt. LEAKE in TARTAR he captured, in July, a French 24-gun 6th. rate which was taken into the RN as CHILD's PLAY and foundered off St. Kitts in August 1707.
  • Under Capt. Robert CLARK, who lost his life, ADVENTURE was captured by the French off Martinique on 1 March 1709.

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