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ACTIVE (28) Built in 1758, Deptford.
Captured in 1778.

  • 1755 Capt. Herbert SAWYER. Ordered to the Mediterranean, she was one of the frigates with Ad. BOSCAWEN's fleet of Gibraltar in August 1757. On 21 May 1762, ACTIVE, accompanied by Cdr. POWNAL in the FAVOURITE sloop, fell in with the Spanish register ship HERMIONE, bound from Lima from Cadiz, off Cape St Vincent. The Spaniards, ignorant of the outbreak of war, surrendered without a fight. Her cargo amounted to about one million sterling, the richest prize yet taken in one ship. The net proceeds distributed as prize money was 519,705,10 pounds, the Admiral and Commodore receiving 64,963 pounds.
  • In ACTIVE Capt. SAWYER received 65,055 pounds, three commissioned officers 13,004 pounds each, warrant officers 4363 pounds each, petty officers 1806 pounds each and seamen 485 pounds each. The figures for FAVOURITE were slightly lower. Capt. SAWYER's good fortune was diminished by an arrangement he had entered into with Capt. MEADOWS of the IRIS, that they would share with each other any prizes taken by them on the Mediterranean station.
  • 1762 Capt. Robert CARKETT. Having been acquitted of blame for the loss of HUSSAR off Hispaniola in May he returned to England and was ordered back to the West Indies in ACTIVE. He continued in her until 1767 when she was put out of commission at Plymouth.

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