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ACTAEON (28) Built in 1757, Chatham (built of fir).
Sold in 1766.

  • She was first commissioned by Capt. Michael CLEMENTS on 29 September 1757. He remained in ACTAEON until until the spring of 1759 when he removed to Pallas (36).
  • 1760 Capt. Paul Henry OURRY from SUCCESS.
    At the close of the year she was employed as a cruiser in the Channel. On 16 November he gave chase to a large French privateer carrying 16 guns and nearly 200 men, the enemy attempted to escape by throwing her guns overboard but a great sea took her masts over the side and she went ashore between Cape Barfleur and La Hogue and was totally destroyed. When, near the end of November, he heard that two French privateers were off Start Point he immediately set off in chase. Just after midnight on the 29th. he fell in with a brig at which he fired a broadside as he passed. Although there was bright moonlight the chase disappeared in less than ten minutes and was assumed to have sunk. The following morning he fell in with two sail close inshore. One, a snow, proved to be a cartel from Quebec, the other, a privateer called GLIVONES from St. Malo, with ten carriage and ten swivels, with a crew of 80 men, he captured.
  • With Commodore KEPPEL at the attack on Belleisle in 1761 and after the surrender of the island with a squadron sent in an unsuccessful search for French shipping in the Basque Road.
  • On 14 December 1761 ACTAEON and TEMERAIRE (74) sailed from Belleisle with troops under command of Brig. Gen. Rusan and joined Rear Ad. RODNEY's fleet, which had sailed from England in October, in Carlisle Bay, Barbados. On the 24th. troops under the command of Maj. Gen. Monkton joined from America. After a few days to water his ships, RODNEY sailed with his men of war and transports carrying 13,965 troops and anchored in St. Anne's Bay, Martinique, on 8th. January 1762.
    By 28 February RODNEY was able to report that the island had surrendered.
    On 4 February ACTAEON, cruising off Tobago, fell in with and took a large Spanish regular ship, laden with cannon, powder, small arms and ordnance stores, bound for Laguira.
  • In 1766 ACTAEON was found to be unserviceable and sold in September.
  • 1760 Capt. Paul Henry OURRY.
  • ACTAEON was with the squadron sent to attack Belleisle.
  • ACTAEON was afterwards ordered to the West Indies until the conclusion of the war. She sailed from England on 15th. October 1761. On the 14 December TEMERAIRE (74), and ACTAEON joined Ad. RODNEY at Carlisle Bay, Barbados, with a body of troops from Belleisle under Brig. General Rusan, Ad RODNEY reported in a letter of 28 February that "On the 4th. inst. Capt. OURRY. while cruising off Torbago, fell in with and took a large Spanish register ship, laden with cannon, small arms, and ordnance stores, bound for Laguira."
  • After the peace was concluded Capt OURRY removed to HERO, a guardship at Plymouth.

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