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YOUNG HEBE No details.
  • 1839-42 China war.
    On 4 June 1840 YOUNG HEBE, commanded by Mate G. E. HODGKINSON, sailed from the Macao Roads to accompany Commodore BREMER in WELLESLEY with four transports to join the fleet assembling for the attack on Chusan. After a short bombardment troops and marines were landed and the British flag was hoisted at 50 minutes past 2 o'clock on the 5 July. YOUNG HEBE, commanded by Mate Richard QUIN, joined LOUISA in taking part in the attack on the Canton forts on 18 March 1841. Together they followed STARLING and ALGERINE through the barrier of rafts across the river and joined Capt. BOURCHIER's flotilla in attacking and capturing a strong Chinese battery.
  • Later commanded by Lieut. William Cotterell WOOD and subsequently engaged in a survey of coast between Chusan and Hong Kong.
  • 1844 Lieut. William T. BATE, 07/1843, East Indies.
  • Out of list in 1852.

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