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YORK (64) Built in 1796, Deptford.
Foundered in 1804.

  • 1796 Capt. John FERRIER, 05/1796, Jamaica.
    Andrew Trasler, a descendant, says For most of the time she was based at Cape Nichola Mole, San Domingo, blockading the French possessions on the island in company with DRAKE and PROSELYTE. On 8 February 1798 off Cape Francois,(now Cap-Haitien) she intercepted the neutral US-registered schooner FANCY, 35 tons, from Charleston for (allegedly) St. Thomas, loaded with general cargo. She was well off course (the master said the currents were to blame, and that the schooner had also been taking water), and had on board twelve French-speaking passengers, but the master claimed to know neither their names nor their "rank or profession." YORK had to fire 15 rounds before FANCY finally hove-to. When the boarding party came aboard, they found that the passengers had brought five bags of money on deck and were about to throw them overboard. This understandably aroused their suspicions, so FANCY was seized and taken to Cape Nichola Mole where she was condemned as a prize. James AIKEN, master of YORK deposed that FANCY's master told him that there had been about 25,000 dollars in gold hidden on board, and that most of it had been smuggled ashore.
    (The relevant papers of the Vice Ad. Court are in the Public Record Office under HCA 49/1847).
  • From the logs of YORK: 4 July 1757 Cap Francois, E by S, 5 or 6 leagues. Spoke HM Armed Cutter SPARROW which had in company 5 French prizes to her and the TARTAR frigate that were cut out of Port Plate when the TARTAR was lost in endeavouring to get out on the 1st. instant. (pro ADMO/1266)
  • YORK was later employed in support of troops ashore attacking French positions on Santo Domingo, and the subsequent British withdrawal from the island."
  • 1803 fitting out at Woolwich. Capt. Henry MITFORD, North Sea.
    She was last seen on 26 December 1803 and it was supposed that she had foundered in the North Sea during the month of January 1804.

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