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URANIE (38) The French LE TARTU taken by Capt. G. LUMSDAINE in POLYPHEMUS off Ireland on 5 January 1797.
Sold in 1807.

  • Capt. G. H. TOWRY, 01/1799, Channel.
    In January 1800 he retook and sent into Plymouth on the 20th., the NORTH STAR, laden with fruit, which had been captured by a French privateer.
  • On the morning of 25 March 1800 URANIE captured the French privateer schooner CERBERRE (6). She was three days out of Bayonne and had taken nothing.
  • 1801 Capt. W. H. GAGE, Channel.
    During the night of 21 July 1801 the boats of URANIE, DORIS, BEAULIEU and ROBUST, under the command of Lieut. LOSACK of the VILLE DE PARIS, boarded and carried the French national ship CHEVRETTE (20) under the batteries in the Bay of Camaret.
    The French were fully prepared to receive them with 350 men on board so casualties were high.
    Eleven were killed and fifty-seven wounded including, from URANIE, one seaman killed and two dead from wounds.
    Lieut. NEVILLE, eight seamen and seven marines were wounded and one marine drowned when a boat sank.
  • On 9 August 1801 a court martial on board CAMBRIDGE at Plymouth found the Boatswain of URANIE guilty of drunkenness and neglect of duty.
    He was ordered to serve before the mast.
  • 1803 Plymouth.
  • 1805 Capt. Hon. C. HERBERT, re-fitting at Portsmouth.
  • 1806 Capt. Chris.
    LAFOCHE, Jersey station.
  • At a court martial on 10 November John O'NEILL, a private marine, was found guilty of having, while a sentinel, opened a gentleman's chest and stolen various articles.
    He was sentenced to receive 500 lashes.
    The following day Lieut. Henry OSBORN of URANIE was charged with absenting himself without leave, for conducting himself in a cruel and oppressive manner, unbecoming an officer, and for a contemptuous and menacing behaviour to Capt. LAROCHE on the quarter deck in front of the crew.
    The charges were partly proved and he was sentenced to be dismissed his ship.

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