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UNIQUE The French privateer LE DUQUESNE taken in 1807. Used as a fireship 1809.
  • 1808 Lieut. Thomas FELLOWES, Leeward Is.
    UNIQUE was actively employed in the blockade of Guadeloupe.
    On 21 May 1809 a schooner was discovered under one of the enemy batteries to the north of Basse Terre and she was recognised as a Swede, ostensibly bound for Martinique from St. Bartholomew's, which had slipped in under cover of darkness.
    Captain BEAVER ordered JULIA and UNIQUE to bring her out but she proved to be too fast ashore to be moved.
    Although they could see that a troop of cavalry with more infantry and militiamen had reinforced the fort, Lieut. FELLOWES went in with 24 seamen, climbed a steep cliff and drove the enemy from their guns, spiking them and killing several soldiers.
    They then retreated under a hail of musket fire which riddled the boats, sinking the one from UNIQUE.
    Although FELLOWES had one musket ball through his hat, two through his jacket and one hit the pike he was holding, he was the only one of the party unhurt.
    A midshipman from JULIA was killed and 7 men severely wounded.
  • Over the previous few weeks UNIQUE had been weakened by the daily firing of broadsides at the enemy positions so it was resolved to use her as a fireship against two French frigates in Basse Terre.
    Unfortunately she was made too unhandy by the removal of stores that she nearly capsized and grounded some little distance from the frigates.
    FELLOWES set fire to the train before leaving her and the resulting explosion convinced the French that their anchorage was unsafe so the frigates soon put to sea only to be captured; FELICITE by the frigate LATONA and FURIEUSE by BONNE CITOYENNE.
    The Admiralty, of course, complained that FELLOWES had not removed all the stores although he had been allowed only a few hours in bad weather to convert the ship.

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