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UNION (98) Built in 1811, Plymouth.
Broken up in 1833.

  • "The UNION, built under the supervision of Mr Joseph Tucker, was launched at Plymouth on Monday 16 September.
    At half past one the gates of the dock-yard were thrown open to the thronging multitude and from that period to the moment of the launch a stream of spectators was perpetually flowing to the scene of curiosity.
    At 25 minutes past 4, the usual ceremonies in naming the ship having been performed by Miss Williams of Scorrier House, the dog-shores of the UNION were knocked away, and with a majesty impossible to be described, she spurned the waters of the receding tide, and soon rode triumphantly on that element of which she is so magnificent an ornament.
    The coup d'oeil, at the awful and impressive moment of her departure from the stocks, was truly electrifying; the concourse of spectators, not only in the dock-yard, but on Mount Wise, Devil's Point, the Obelisk of Mount Edgecombe, the waving flags of all nations on the ships and numerous boats left admiration totally bewildered, while shouts from 50,000 voices combined with the melody of several bands gave such an interest to the joyous scene."
  • The UNION was built after the model of the VICTORY.
    The cabins in the stern were most elegantly decorated with cedar.
    The figure head comprised a bust of the king with a cornucopia on each side of a shield allusive to the union.
    In the centre of the stern was another shield containing the motto "Tria juncta in uno," and the rose, thistle and shamrock
  • 1812 Capt. William KENT, Mediterranean.
    A court martial was held on board ROYAL GEORGE at Port Mahon on Thursday 31 December to try Michael CONNOLLY, a seamen from UNION for "having thrown a shot and, in a scuffle which took place soon after, inflicted a wound on James WILSON, another seaman, so as to render it necessary to send him to hospital, where he died, and for drunken and disorderly conduct." He was found "guilty of wilfully inflicting the wounds on James WILSON and adjudged him to be hanged." He was executed at half past seven on the morning of Monday 4 January on board UNION.
  • Edward PELLEW issued a memorandum saying that he felt the deepest regret but drunkenness had become so frequent that he hoped that the awful example would put a stop to a practice so fatal in its consequences.
    He forbade all ship visiting in future.
  • 1814 Capt. Robert ROLLES, Mediterranean.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Plymouth.

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