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UNION (90) Built in 1756, Chatham.
Renamed SUSSEX in 1802.
Broken up in 1816.

  • 1759 Capt. John EVANS, with the flag of Vice Ad. Sir Charles HARDY.
    With Ad. Sir Edward HAWKE's fleet in action with the French in Quiberon Bay on 20 November 1759.
  • 1781 Capt. John DALRYMPLE, with Rear Ad. Richard KEMPENFELT squadron, consisting of 12 ships of the line, a 50-gun ship, four frigates and a fire-ship, which had left England on 2 December to cruise to the westward in search of a French convoy taking reinforcements from Brest to de GRASSE in the West Indies.
    The French had provided an escort of 12 ships of the line under Rear Ad. de GUICHEN, in addition to five going to de GRASSE and two to the East Indies.
    KEMPENFELT found the French on the 12th., two days after they had sailed, and captured 15 valuable ships of the convoy which had scattered on their approach.
    The French warships, stranded to leeward, could only watch helplessly, unable to intervene.
    Only two ships of the line and 5 transports made it to the West Indies, the remainder returned to Brest after suffering in a violent storm.
  • 1799 hospital ship.
    Lieut. QUARME, Sheerness.
  • 1801 Lieut. John DIXON.
    On 22 August 1801 a court martial was held on the SURPRIZE frigate to try Lieut. DIXON on charges of allowing liquor to be sold in the ship.
    The charges were partly proved and he was sentenced to be dismissed his ship and rendered incapable of serving as an officer again.

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