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TYRIAN Built in 1808, Northam (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1819.

  • 1809 Henry Thomas DAVIES, Guernsey.
  • A court martial was held on Lieut. Thomas BRADISH for absenting himself without leave in November 1810.
    After being absent for several days Capt. DAVIES reported his conduct to the Admiralty and he was superseded.
    Soon after he presented memorials to the Admiralty to be reinstated in his rank, which were not attended to, and he entered on board a West-Indiaman, out of which he was impressed by Capt. KERR of the WOLVERINE, and during the performance of his duties, for some offence, he was flogged; soon after his conduct called for a repetition of the punishment and he stayed the proceedings by declaring to Capt. KERR that he was a lieutenant and would undergo a court martial on his conduct.
    Rear Admiral HARGOOD presided and BRADISH was sentenced to be dismissed the service.
  • 1811 Frederick BURGOYNE.
  • 1812 Augustus BALDWIN, 7 Feb.
    He was re-appointed to her on the peace establishment 10 Sept.
  • 1815 cruising in the Channel.
  • 1816 Ditto, Spithead.
  • 1817 William POPHAM, 01/1817, Portsmouth, when BALDWIN was made post.
  • 1818 Jamaica.

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