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TWEED (18) Built in 1807, Littlehampton.
Lost in 1813.

  • 1808 F. E. SYMONDS, Jamaica.
    On 29 February 1808 TWEED captured the Spanish schooner letter of marque SANTISSIMA TRINIDAD from Puerto Cavallo, bound for Cadiz. She had only four guns mounted although pierced for fourteen.
    There were 20 men on board.
    After destroying a small schooner which had been taken as a prize by a French privateer and used as a tender by her, Capt. SYMONDS came across the privateer on 16 March and captured her. She was the schooner AVENTURE of three guns and 52 men.
  • Capt. SYMONDS was in command of the sloops, schooners and gun-brigs (ST. ALBANS, DRUID, COMUS, SABINE, TUSCAN, EPHIRA, STEADY and REBUFF) assisting the Spanish troops investing San Domingo during the two month blockade in 1809 by entirely cutting off the enemy's supply by sea. She arrived at Port Royal on the evening of 12 July with news of the French surrender on the 6th.
  • 1810 North Sea.
    At the end of October 1810 Capt. SYMONDS captured the Danish privateer cutter STEINBILL of 10 guns and 30 men and took her into Yarmouth Roads.
  • 1811 convoy in Downs, thence to Baltic.
  • 1812 Ditto, Sheerness.
  • 1813 In October Capt. SYMONDS was made a post captain and William MATHER of RAPID was appointed to TWEED in Newfoundland.
    On 5 November 1813 TWEED was wrecked on a rock in Shoal Bay, Newfoundland.
    The purser, the surgeon and 65 of the crew were lost.

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