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TRUSTY (50) Built in 1782, Bristol.
Broken up in 1815.

  • 1785 Capt. William WOLSELEY, In August fitting out as the flagship of Ad. Phillips COSBY, commander-in-chief, Mediterranean.
  • 1793 Flagship of Vice Ad. Sir John LAFOREY, Commander in Chief, Leeward Is.
    He sailed with part of his squadron from Barbados on 12 April with land forces under Major Cuyler, and landed them in Great Courland Bay, Tobago on the evening of the 14th.
    The troops marched across the island to Scarborough, stormed and carried the fort.
  • 1795 Cdr. James WALKER appointed to temporary command, 06/1795, with orders to escort five East Indiamen to a specified safe latitude.
    The wind being unfavourable he remained with them beyond this point.
    While returning to Spithead he learned from a Dane that about 40 British ships had been waiting in Cadiz for a convoy so, conceiving it his duty to take charge of them, he changed his destination and escorted 33 merchantmen and 3 transports, worth more than a million sterling, to England.
    While TRUSTY was in Cadiz five of her officers were arrested for taking merchant's money on board.
    Spanish government protests resulted in Cdr. WALKER being broken by a court martial for acting without orders.
    He was reinstated in March 1797 and was appointed a Rear Admiral in 1821.
  • 1797 Capt. John OSBORNE.
    TRUSTY conveyed Lord Macartney to the Cape of Good Hope to take up his position as Governor.
  • 1799 Capt. TODD, Sheerness.
  • 1800 Capt. ROWAN, Ireland.
  • On 30 May 1800 John GOODMAN, a marine private, was tried by court martial at Portsmouth for robbery of ship's stores, desertion and quitting his post as a sentinel.
    Thomas HILTON, a seaman was charged with helping him take away a ship's boat and for robbery and desertion.
    GOODMAN was sentenced to death and HILTON to 500 lashes and forfeiture of all his pay.
    At nine o'clock on the morning of 16 June TRUSTY hoisted a yellow flag and fired a gun and boats, armed and manned, from the ships in the harbour attended alongside.
    GOODMAN was brought out on to the forecastle at about ten o'clock and, after continuing for an hour in prayer, he dropped a handkerchief as a signal and was launched into eternity.
  • On 30 August TRUSTY, on her way to Malta, arrived in Vigo Bay.
    Here they watched as boats went in to cut out some vessels lying under the batteries and returned with a sloop of war.
    The first lieutenant of RENOWN was wounded and eight men killed.
  • 1801 armed en flute, Capt. WILSON, Mediterranean.
    On 8 March TRUSTY took part in the landings at Aboukir Bay and lost one seaman killed and three wounded.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Chatham.
  • 1804 Capt. George ARGLES, off Dungerness and Boulogne with Lord KEITH.
    During the evening of 2 August she was with the squadron under Capt. Robert OLIVER in MELPOMMENE which attacked the numerous enemy vessels at Le Havre.
  • On 1 August 1805 Lord KEITH replied to a request from Lord BARHAM to send five ships to reinforce Ad. CORNWALLIS by saying that TRUSTY and UTRECHT were not manned nor fit to quit the Downs.
  • 1807 Capt. HODGSON, Downs North Sea.
  • 1811 Lieut. D. L. COUCHE, prison and harbour service vessel at Gillingham.

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