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TROMPEUSE (18) Sloop Taken from the French in March 1800.
Broken up in 1811.

  • 1805 North Sea.
  • 1807 William Brooking DOLLING, Downs.
    On 15 May 1809 while in company with BADGER, the two sloops encountered 11 gun schluyts standing to the eastward from Boulogne.
    The enemy tried to get into Ambleteuse but three of them overshot and had to go round Cap Gris Nez where the sloop's boats under Lieut. STRONG attacked them during the night.
    One of them was driven ashore and wrecked on the rocks.
    The other two, armed with two long 6-pounders and two howitzers, were boarded and captured under heavy fire from the shore.
    One person in TROMPEUSE was slightly wounded; the enemy had two wounded and six threw themselves into the sea.
    Capt. DOLLING was posted in August 1811.

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