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TRIUMPH (74) 3rd rate Built in 1764, Woolwich DY.
Hospital ship in 1813.

  • 1780 Capt. Philip AFFLECK.
    Joined Ad. Sir George RODNEY previous to an indecisive action with de GUICHON's fleet on 19 May 1780 to the windward of Martinique.
  • 1784 Under repair at Chatham.
  • 1795 Capt. Sir Erasmus GOWER. With a squadron under Vice Ad. CORNWALLIS which was sent from Spithead to cruise off Ushant.
    On 8 June they gave chase to a large convoy from Bordeaux to Brest which had a strong escort of 74's and frigates under Rear Ad. VENCE. The French made for Belleisle closely pursued by TRIUMPH, KINGFISHER and PHAETON, which open fire on the enemy's rear. When the rest of the squadron came up several prizes were captured which KINGFISHER took into port three days later. Meanwhile the French at Brest, assuming that VENCE was blockaded at Belleisle, sent nine sail of the line, two 50's and seven frigates to assist him. They met VENCE off Isle Groix on the 15th. and the following day sighted CORNWALLIS's much smaller squadron. He formed BRUNSWICK, ROYAL SOVEREIGN (flag), BELLEROPHON, TRIUMPH and MARS in line ahead as the French with 13 sail of the line and 14 frigates took up the chase.
    On the morning of the 17th. the French started firing at MARS, disabling her so much that she fell away to leeward and would have been captured if ROYAL SOVEREIGN and TRIUMPH had not born up to support her. The French hauled to the wind and ended the action. MARS and TRIUMPH were the only ships to suffer damage. TRIUMPH had her masts and sails cut and received several shot in her hull, but had no casualties.
  • 1799 Capt. SECCOME, Spithead.
  • 1800 Capt. HARVEY, Channel fleet.
    On 25 August 1801 a court martial was held on board GLADIATOR in Portsmouth to try Thomas CRAMPTON, a seaman of TRIUMPH, for using contemptuous language to, and threatening to strike, Mr SLAUGHTER, a midshipman. He was sentenced to receive three dozen lashes.
  • 1802 Capt. Sir Robert BARLOW, Malta.
    On 6 October 1802 TRIUMPH, in company with SUPERB, DRAGON, GIBRALTER, SUPERB and RENOWN, received orders to sail from Gibraltar to Malta. The crew of GIBRALTAR mutinied, but were soon brought under control when the other ships refused to join. The squadron anchored in Oristagni Bay, Sardinia, were they found KENT, AGINCOURT and MONMOUTH. No man of war had entered the bay before. TRIUMPH and RENOWN parted their cables during a gale.
  • 1805 Capt. Henry INMAN, Channel fleet.
    TRIUMPH was with Sir Robert CALDER's squadron in his engagement with the combined Franco/Spanish fleet on 23 July 1805. She lost five killed and 6 wounded.
  • 1807 Capt. Sir T. M. HARDY, Halifax station.
  • 1808 Ditto, Portsmouth.

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