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TRINIDAD (10) Schooner Listed 1805-09.
  • In 1805 Charles Hope READ, sub-lieutenant of NIMBLE was ordered by Rear Ad. COCHRANE to the acting command of TRINIDAD in the Leeward Is.
    and he proceeded to Barbados to join her in HART.
    Off Saba, HART was blown over on her beam ends by a sudden squall, and was only saved from foundering by Mr REID who was the first officer up on deck and managed to put the helm up and right the sloop.
    On arrival at Barbados he found a commission from the Admiralty appointing him to THESEUS.
  • 1805 Lieut. SLOUT.
    On 3 May 1805 he captured a Spanish schooner taking salt from Margarita to Orinoco and on 31 May a French privateer sloop of one gun and 25 men on a cruise from Cumana.
  • 1807 Lieut. Chas.
    SIDLEY, Leeward Is.

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