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TRANSFER (14) Cutter The French cutter LE TEMERAIRE taken by Capt. George TOWERY of DIDO in the Mediterranean in March 1795.
Broken up in 1803.

    There appear to have been two TRANSFER in the Royal Navy at the same time and operating in the same general area. In the two entries it is believed that the correct officers and events have been allotted to the right vessel, but it is by no means certain.
  • 1798 George MUNDY, 12/1798, Cadiz.
    Early in March 1799 TRANFER was detached from the fleet off Cadiz to cruise in company with the MAJESTIC (74) between Malagar and the Cape de Gatt.
    A few days later they fell in with a French privateer and chased her into a small bay where she took shelter under a fort mounting three 24-pounders.
    A first attempt on her by the boats of MAJESTIC failed but the following day they succeeded in setting her on fire when TRANSFER anchored abreast of the fort to give covering fire.
    Capt. MUNDAY removed to the SWAN in the autumn of 1800.

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