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TRANSFER (12) The French privateer LES QUATRE FRERES taken in 1797.
Sold in 1802.

    There appear to have been two TRANSFER in the Royal Navy at the same time and operating in the same general area. In the two entries it is believed that the correct officers and events have been allotted to the right vessel, but it is by no means certain.
  • 1798 G. BOWEN, 07/1798, Gibraltar
  • 1799 William MOORE, 12/1798.
    In 1799 TRANSFER was employed maintaining communications between England and the British squadron blockading Cadiz.
    In February she returned to the rendezvous position at night to find herself in close proximity to a squadron of ships. In the morning she found herself surrounded by Spanish ships which had come out when the blockading squadron had been driven off by gales.
    Cdr. MOORE immediately hoisted American colours and pretended that he was entering Cadiz. He passed safely through the Spanish ships of war and then boarded and captured a rich merchantman and carried her off unmolested.
  • 1801 E. O'BRIAN.

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