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TONNANT (80) She carried an extra 10 guns.
Taken by Rear Ad. NELSON in Aboukir Bay on 1 August 1798.
Broken up in 1821.

  • Capt. Loftus Otway BLAND, 01/1799. Capt. R. L. FITZGERALD, 02/1799, Gibraltar.
  • 1800 In ordinary at Plymouth.
    At the end of the year she was waiting to go into dock for repair.
  • 1803 Capt. Sir Edward PELLEW.
    On 7 January 1804 he reported to the Admiralty on growing French activity at Ferrol and Corunna in supposedly neutral Spain.
  • 1804 Capt. W. H. JERVIS, Channel fleet.
    Capt. JERVIS was drowned off Brest when going in his gig from TONNANT to the SAN JOSEPH on 26 January 1805. He had just arrived from Rochefort and was anxious to impart his intelligence to the commander-in-chief.
    The Coxswain supported him until his strength was exhausted and they both went under but the coxswain, being a good swimmer. floated until he was picked up. All the rest of the boat's crew were lost.
    Capt. Patrick CAMPBELL, who had recently been wrecked in the DORIS and was with him in the boat, saved himself by holding on to an oar.
  • 1805 Capt. Charles TYLER, off Cadiz.
  • In March 1805 DREADNOUGHT, TONNANT, MARS, ILLUSTRIOUS and MINOTAUR were detached from the blockade off Brittany and formed into a new squadron under Vice Ad. COLLINGWOOD.
  • TONNANT was the fourth vessel in line in the lee division at Trafalgar. She came to the aid of MARS which was exposed to heavy fire from FOUGEAUX and PLUTON and steered for the bow of the ALGESIRAS which lay on the lee quarter of MONARCA. Capt. TYLER raked MONARCA and then hauled alongside. The Spaniard struck her colours but then re-hoisted them. TONNANT then ran ALGESIRAS on board, at the same time firing her larboard guns at PLUTON and SAN JUAN. Just before 2 o'clock Capt. TYLER was taken below with a severe wound and Lieut. John BEDFORD took command. By this time TONNANT had lost all her top masts. Attempts by ALGESIRAS to board were repulsed by TONNANT's marines and shortly afterwards the French ship struck and Lieut. Charles BENNETT with Lieut. Arthur Ball of the marines boarded her with 50 men to take possession. Lieut. Benjamin CLEMENT was sent in the jolly boat, the only one remaining, with two men to take possession of the SAN JUAN, which had sailed to say that she had struck, but the boat was swamped before they got half-way and the lieutenant, who could not swim, had to be rescued by one of the seamen who swam to the TONNANT for a rope. William BROWN, midshipman, sixteen seamen and nine marines were killed in the battle.
    Capt. TYLER, Richard LITTLE, Boatswain, William ALLEN, clerk, Henry READY, Master's Mate, thirty seamen and sixteen marines were wounded.
  • 1806 Capt. Thomas BROWNE (1), flagship of Rear Ad. Eliab HARVEY, Channel fleet.
  • 1807 Capt. R. T. HANCOCK, off Rochefort.
    Flagship of Ad.M. DECOURCY.
  • 1808 Ditto, coast of Spain.
  • 1811 Capt. Sir John GORE, 09/1810, convoying troops to Lisbon, then cruising under the orders of Sir Thomas Williams.
    Off Brest and L'Orient in the autumn, superintending the blockade of those ports. While she was serving with the squadron in the Basque Roads Capt. GORE was hit on the head and badly injured by a tackle falling from the maintop. TONNANT, being in a bad state of repair was put out of commission at Portsmouth in August 1812.
  • 1814 under repair at Chatham.
  • 1814 Capt. Wainright. Flagship of Vice Ad. Sir Alexander COCHRANE, with Captain of the Fleet Rear Ad. Edward CODRINGTON, (Capt. Alexander SKENE, by April 1815 Capt. Charles KERR). North America.
    Capt. WAINRIGHT arrived at the Admiralty on 27 September 1814 with an account of the capture and destruction of Washington on 24 August by the army under Major Gen. Ross.
  • During the attack on Baltimore on 12 August 1814 TONNANT had the following wounded while serving with the army ashore: Severely Charles OGLE, mid. Matthew HAMSTED os, Daniel ROSS os. James MACQUIRE os, Slightly William JOHNSON os, John WILSON os, John REDMONDS os.
  • Following the peace with America Sir Alex COCHRANE sailed for Bermuda in TONNANT and she returned to England in the spring of 1815.
  • 1816-17 Capt. John TAILOUR, 11/1815, Flagship of Rear Ad. Sir Benjamin HALLOWEL, Cork station.

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