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TIGRESS (12) Gun-brig The French LE PIERRE CZAR taken on 29 June 1808. Renamed ALGERINE in 1814.
  • 1809 Lieut. Robert BONES, coast of Africa.
  • TIGRESS took part in the expedition against Senegal in July 1909.
    On 24 June Commodore COLUMBINE arrived at Goree with the SOLEBAY frigate and the TIGRESS, having under convoy, the colonial schooner GEORGE (specifically intended for work in shallow rivers), the transport AGINCOURT and several merchant ships.
    A detachment of the garrison at Goree, consisting of six officers, six sergeants, four drummers and 150 rank and file, was embarked on board AGINCOURT on 4 July and the whole force anchored off the bar at the mouth of the river on the 7th.
    The troops and the marines of the squadron were passed over by the exertions of the navy although a schooner and a sloop containing much of their provisions and ammunition were lost and the GEORGE went ashore inside the bar.
  • The detachment and 60 marines were landed and took up a defensive position until the GEORGE could be got off.
    This was eventually accomplished and the 11th. was spent in re-fitting her.
    The SOLEBAY and the DERWENT were ordered 12 miles up river to bombard the post at Babague and on the morning of the 12th. the troops were embarked and the flotilla moved up to just without gunshot of the enemy's line of defence which included a boom and seven armed vessels moored in front of a battery.
    Everything was set for a night attack when the French capitulated.
  • 1812 Lieut. William CARNEGIE, Plymouth in the autumn.
  • 1812 Robert HENDERSON, Baltic.

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