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THRACIAN (18) Built in 1809, Frindsburg (Cruizer class).
Broken up in 1829.

  • Capt. LAWSON, 03/1810.
    He was promoted to post captain on 21.10.10, the fifth anniversary of Trafalgar.
  • 1811 Henry HART, Channel.
  • 1811 Joseph SYMES.
    On 18 December 1811 he destroyed a large French privateer lugger under Cape Levie near Cherbourg by driving her ashore where she was totally dashed to pieces on the rocks.
    Pierced for 18 guns she appeared to be full of men.
  • 1812 John CARTER, 08/1811, Baltic.
    On the 7 February 1814 he captured the French privateer lugger EMILE, of 14 guns and 42 men, three days out St Valery en Caux.
  • 1815 Ditto, Halifax.
  • 1816-22 Chatham.
  • 1823 John Walter ROBERTS, 06/1822.
  • During March 1823 THRACIAN, under the orders of Capt. WALCOTT in TYNE (26), was searching the Old Bahama Channel along the north coast of Cuba for pirates and, on the 31st., they sighted the pirate schooner ZARAGOZANA off Baracoa.
    They attempted to get close by pretending to be merchantmen but the pirate was not deceived and took station across the harbour at Mata, little more than a cable across, and landed men on the harbour walls to provide enfilading fire.
    The boats from THRACIAN and TYNE attacked and, in spite of being under a hail of grape and musket fire for more than three quarters of an hour, they boarded her.
    The pirates, in a panic, threw themselves into the sea but twenty-eight and their chief, Cayatano Aroganez, were captured although others escaped ashore.
    The crew consisted of 70 or 80 European Spaniards.
    The schooner proved to be of 120bm and armed with a 18pdr swivel, four long 9pdrs and several smaller swivels. She had been fitted out and armed in Havana from whence the authorities had allowed her to sail as a merchant vessel the previous January.
    In March she had plundered a French vessel and concealed the cargo at Neranjos.
    Lieut. Amos PLYMSELL of THRACIAN was second in command of the boats.
  • The pirate captain and 23 of his crew were tried, sentenced to death and executed at Jamaica.
    Capt. ROBERTS succeeded Capt. WALCOTT in TYNE.
  • 1823 Andrew FORBES, 06/1823, W. Indies.
  • 1825 Portsmouth.

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