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THISTLE (8) Schooner Built in 1808, Bermuda.
Lost in 1811.

  • 1810 Lieut. Peter PROCTOR.
    On 10 February 1810 the superior sailing qualities of THISTLE to windward enabled her, after a chase of over seven hours, to come alongside a ship which had been trying to escape from her.
    The stranger immediately hoisted Dutch colours, opened fire and tried to run THISTLE on board.
  • After exchanging fire for an hour the enemy made sail and tried to escape before the wind and the two vessels were then involved in a running fight for the next four hours before the Dutchman struck his flag.
    Lieut. PROCTOR found that she was the Dutch national corvette HAVIK, a large East India built ship, commanded by Lieut. Sterling, mounting 10 guns although pierced for 18, with 52 men.
  • On board was the late lieutenant-governor of Batavia, Admiral Buyskes, together with his suite.
    They were bound for New York with a part cargo of spices and indigo.
    One man on the HAVIK was killed and the Admiral and seven others badly wounded.
  • THISTLE had one man killed, marine Samuel HOBBS, and seven wounded including Lieut. PROCTOR.
    In the first part of the action three of THISTLE's carronades were dismounted.
  • Lieut. PROCTOR was promoted to commander in May 1810.
  • 1811 Lieut. George M'PHERSON.
    Halifax. She was wrecked near New York on 6 March 1811.

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