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THAMES (32) 5th rate Built in 1758, Buckler's Hard.
Broken up in 1803.

  • 1793 Capt. James COTES.
    On 4 October 1793 she was taken by three French frigates while going to Gibraltar. Renamed TAMISE. She was recaptured by Capt. Byam MARTIN in SANTA MARGARITA off Waterford, Ireland on 8 June 1796 in an action that was granted a medal in 1849. She went into dockyard hands to be rebuilt.
  • 1799 Capt. LUKIN, Plymouth. She sailed for Lisbon on 15 February.
    On 2 June 1800 THAMES and IMPETUEUX, Sir Edward PELLEW, arrived at Quiberon Bay and the following day they were joined by AMETHYST, AMELIA and the WINCHELSEA troopship. On the 4th. THAMES and CYNTHIA attacked the south west end of Quiberon and silenced the forts which were afterwards destroyed by a party of troops.
    Two days later the squadron made an attempt on the Morbiban, captured six vessels and about 100 prisoners and burnt and destroyed other vessels and guns. A lieutenant of THAMES was wounded.
    On the morning of 26 October THAMES gave chase to the French privateer ship DIABLE armed with sixteen 12 and 6-pounders, one day out of Bordeaux. After 5 hours IMMORTALITE joined in the chase of the enemy which was soon captured. Three days later the two ships captured, after a chase which lasted all day, a letter of marque schooner bound for Bordeaux from Guadeloupe with a cargo of coffee.
    On 30 November the French brig privateer ACTIF was taken. She was armed with fourteen six-pounders and two long brass twelve, and carried 137 men. A brand new, coppered vessel she had only been out only one day on her first cruise. Capt. LUKIN brought his prize into Plymouth Sound on 13 December.
  • THAMES's success carried over into the new year. The French national corvette AURORE (16), commanded by Lieut. Charles Girault and carrying dispatches from the governor of Mauritius, was taken on the 18 January.
  • 1801. THAMES took part in the action between Rear Ad. Sir James SAUMAREZ's squadron and the Franco/Spanish line-of battle ships which sailed from Algiciras on 12 July 1801.
    VENERABLE brought a French 84 to action and nearly silenced her before going aground on a shoal. She was got off and THAMES took her in tow.
  • Capt. A. F. HOLLES, 06/1801
  • 1803 Out of commission at Woolwich.

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