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TERROR Bomb Built in 1779, Rotherhithe.
Sold in 1812.

  • 1793 Amherst MORRIS.
    In October 1794 she bore the flag of Vice Ad.J. PEYTON.
  • 1794 G. LUKE, 11/1794.
  • 1795 J. WALKER, 04/1795. D. HOTCHKIS, 09/1795.
  • 1796 Hon. D. DOUGLASS, 03/1796.1797 J. WESTBEACH, 03/1797.
  • 1800 S. C. ROWLEY, 06/1799, Woolwich Baltic.
    At a court martial held on LEYDEN at DEAL on the 14 September 1801 the master of TERROR was found guilty of neglect of duty. He was dismissed the service.
  • 1803 George Nicholas HARDINGE.
    On 8 September TERROR joined the frigate CERBERUS, with Rear Ad. James SAUMAREZ embarked, in Guernsey Roads and when SULPHUR joined on the 12th. they sailed, in company with CHARWELL and CARTERET, to bombard Granville.
    Capt. SELBY anchored CERBERUS as near the shore as possible and then TERROR came up and, after first grounding, took her assigned position and opened fire with her two mortars at the town, the shore batteries and the enemy gunvessels off the pier, for over three hours.
    SULPHUR, delayed by her poor sailing qualities, then arrived and the two bombs lobbed a few shells into the town during the evening.
    The following morning they closed the coast at dawn and kept up the bombardment for over five hours until the falling tide forced them to retire.
    The well directed shots from TERROR into the pier and parts of the town caused considerable damage. Two men were wounded by splinters in TERROR.
    CERBERUS grounded and remained on a sand bank for three hours protected by the bombs, the sloops CHARWELL and KITE, the cutter CARTERET and the schooner ELING, from the attacks of the French gun vessels.
  • 1805 Lieut. WHITAKER, floating battery off Southend.

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