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TERMANGANT (18) Built in 1796, Deptford.
Sold in 1819.

  • 1796 D. PRESTON, 06/1796.
  • 1797 David LLOYD, 12/1796, Spithead.
    On 28 December 1797 she captured the French privateer schooner VICTOIRE of 14 guns and 74 men on the North Sea station.
  • 1799 Capt. ALLEN, 04/1799, Halifax, who died there on 2 November.
  • 1800 William SKIPSEY, Spithead.
    At a court martial held on board GLADIATOR in Portsmouth on the 21 March 1800, Boatswain's Mate William WEBB was found guilty of desertion and sentenced to 200 lashes.
    Because of his exemplary behaviour he was recommended for mercy.
  • TERMAGANT sailed from Portsmouth for the Mediterranean with dispatches for Lord Keith on the 11 August and on 1 September she took the French polacre CAPRICIEUSE some 90 miles to the west of Corsica.
    Commanded by Enseigne Grandferrand she was three days out of Toulon with dispatches, shot and 350 stand of arms for Egypt. She also had a French General on board.
    The dispatches, save for two letters, were destroyed before she was boarded.
  • Four days later, on his way to Leghorn with his prize, he took the French privateer GENERAL HOLTZ with two guns and 26 men and burnt her.
  • 1803 J. STEWART, Mediterranean.
  • 1804 Robert PETTET, 01/1804 Mediterranean.
    On the afternoon of 15 May Capt. PETTET, off Corsica, chased a strange sail which took refuge behind a reef of rocks in Port Parma.
    TERMAGANT's boats brought her out but her crew had already holed her and she sank in 14 fathoms. She proved to have been the French xebec FELICITE from Ajaccio, armed with two long guns and six brass swivels.
    During the previous year she had captured two English merchantmen off Tunis.
  • 1807 Ditto, Nore.
    Cdr. PETTET was appointed to BRISIES in 1808.
  • 1808 Chatham.
  • 1810 Henry Evelyn Pitfield STURT, Mediterranean. She formed part of the squadron under Rear-Ad. MARTIN employed in protecting Sicily from Murat's threatened invasion.
    STURT was senior officer of the mortar boats based at the northern end of the Straits of Messina.
    He was rewarded with a post commission for his services.
  • 1811 Richard BUCK, 10/1810, Mediterranean.
    In April 1811 she was employed watching off Barcelona where the French General D'Hilliers was collecting the whole of his force to attack the Spaniards.
  • 1812 Capt. Gawen William HAMILTON, 12/1811.
    On 19 May 1812 TERMAGANT destroyed the castle at Nersa and the Spanish guerillas came down from the mountains and entered the town.
    Capt. USHER of HYACINTH then went ashore with Capt. HAMILTON and they learnt from them that the French had retreated to Almanecar, seven miles to the eastward, where they had 300 men.
    HYACINTH, TERMAGANT and BASILISK moved along the coast the following evening and silenced the castle there in less than hour.
    When the guerillas failed to arrive, Capt. HAMILTON went back to Nersa in his gig and discovered that they were waiting for reinforcements.
    When HYACINTH arrived at Nersa he took the infantry on board and ordered the cavalry to move through the mountains and take the enemy in the rear while the infantry, seamen and marines attacked on the flank.
    Unfortunately a calm gave the French time to escape and retreat upon Grenada.
    TERMAGANT had one man wounded.
  • The boats of TERMAGANT under Mr Richard MOORMAN, her 1st.
    lieutenant, captured a French privateer, INTREPIDE, of three guns and forty men, off Malagar on 22 July.
    Between 14 and 29 August TERMAGANT and FAME destroyed seven towers or batteries on the coast of Valencia, mounting altogether 21 pieces of ordnance.
    On 16 August TERMAGANT captured two French privateers, one of four and the other of three guns.
    Capt. HAMILTON removed to RAINBOW.
  • 1814 John Lampen MANLEY, Mediterranean.
    TERMAGANT was present at the capture of Genoa in April 1814.
  • 1815 Charles SHAW, Spithead for the East Indies.
  • 1816 Ditto, East Indies.
  • 1817-18 Chatham.

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