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TENEDOS (38) Built in 1812, Chatham.
Broken up in 1875.

  • 1812 Capt. Hyde PARKER, 04/1812, Spithead.
  • 1812 Halifax, where he was actively employed for the remainder of the war.
    In the autumn of 1812 TENEDOS, NYMPHE and CURLEW, under the orders of Capt. BROKE in SHANNON, captured the American privateer brig THORN, of 18 long 9-pounders and 140 men, and recaptured a British merchant vessel.
  • On Friday 13 January 1813 Capt. PARKER joined MAJESTIC, Capt. John HAYES, ENDYMION and POMONE off Sandy HOOK with orders from Ad. Sir Henry HOTHAM to place himself under Capt. HAYES' command.
    They were watching for the American PRESIDENT which was about to sail from New York to raid British commerce in the East Indies.
    During the night the British squadron was blown offshore in a violent snow storm.
    The wind prevented them from getting back on station the following day so, as conditions were favourable for the enemy to escape, the squadron stood away to the northward and eastward to reach his supposed track.
    An hour before daylight, at a point some 45 miles E. S.E.
    of Sandy Hook, a ship and a brig were sighted steering S. E. and not two miles away.
    The night signal for general chase was made and throughout the following day the British captains endeavoured to get alongside the enemy, while they in turn tried to escape by cutting away anchors and throwing everything moveable overboard.
    When the wind dropped later in the day ENDYMION was able to get within range of PRESIDENT and force her surrender.
    The MACEDONIAN brig escaped.
  • In the spring of 1813 TENEDOS and SHANNON got separated from the squadron in a gale and reconnoitred the port of Boston on 2 April, sighting the CONGRESS ready for sea, the PRESIDENT nearly so and the CONSTITUTION under repair.
    Capt. CAPEL of the HOGUE ordered TENEDOS and SHANNON to watch the harbour while HOGUE, VALIANT and the rest of the squadron cruised in the offing.
  • SHANNON and TENEDOS drove a large ship ashore near Cape Ann Town on 16 May. She was brought off by Lieut. WATT of SHANNON and proved to be the French privateer INVINCIBLE which had been captured by a British sloop and retaken by an American cruiser.
  • On 21 May, in company with the CURLEW brig, TENEDOS captured the American privateer schooner ENTERPRISE belonging to Salem.
    The prize was returning from a 4 month's cruise off the coast of Brazil during which she had made no captures. She was pierced for eighteen guns, but had only four mounted, and had a crew of 91 men.
  • On 25 May SHANNON took a supply of provisions and water from TENEDOS and detached her with orders not to return before 14 June.
    For the subsequent action with the CHESAPEAKE see SHANNON.
  • 1816 Out of commission at Chatham.
    From 1843 she was used as a convict hulk at Bermuda.

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