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TELEGRAPH (16) Hired armed brig Built in 1798.
  • 1799 Lieut. WORTH, Plymouth.
  • 1800 Lieut. N. C. CORSELLIS, with coasting convoys. She arrived in Plymouth from Torbay on the 1 January 1800 and the same day she was sent off in pursuit of a French privateer which had been seen boarding a brig in Whitsand Bay and then taking a cow and some corn from Looe Island.
    During a great gale on the 16 May 1800 TELEGRAPH was on her beam ends for several minutes with water up to the combing of her hatchways.
    It was only when the fore top-mast and the bowsprit went that she righted. She made Plymouth five days later.
    During a worse storm on the 9 November when many vessels were wrecked along the coast TELEGRAPH was saved by cutting away her main-mast.
  • She returned from a cruise on the 23 January 1801 after stopping six vessels. She sent three into Dartmouth, two Swedes and a Dane, the latter with a valuable cargo of tobacco from Baltimore bound for Stockholm.

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