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TEES (28) Built in 1817, Bideford.
Sold in 1872.

  • 1818 Capt. George RENNIE, 02/1818, St. Helena.
    On 3 July 1821 Capt. RENNIE appeared before a court martial at Portsmouth charged with cruel, oppressive and unofficer-like conduct towards the crew of TEES.
    On the 14th. he was acquitted of the charge of cruelty but was found guilty of inflicting irregular punishments on several of the ship's company.
    For this he was dismissed the service but, the court having drawn the Admiralty's attention to the licentiousness, drunkenness and insubordination of the crew, he was restored in 1822.
  • 1821 Capt. Thomas COE, 07/1821.
    On 6 January 1822 she sailed from Spithead for the East Indies station.
    Following the death of Commodore Charles GRANT in July 1824 Capt. COE hoisted a broad pennant on board the LIFFEY frigate and carried out the duties of senior officer until relieved by Sir James BRISBANE.
    He promoted Capt. Frederick MARRYATT out of LARNE to take command of TEES but this appointment was not confirmed by the Admiralty before July 1825 allowing 24 officers to take seniority above him.
    TEES was paid off at Chatham at the beginning of 1826 and from the summer of 1826 she was used as a church ship at Liverpool.

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