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TAY (18) Later rated as 20 guns.
  • Sloop, Built by Adams of Bucklers Hard, Hampshire (about 8 miles due south of Southampton), and launched 28 November 1813.
    460 bm 116x30 ft.
    Armed with eighteen 32 pdr.
    carronades and two 9 pdr.
    stern chasers.
  • The Purser, Thomas PARRY, was the first officer appointed to her as soon as she was launched.
    In August 1814 Capt. William ROBILLIARD was appointed to command her, with Robert FAIR as 1st. lieutenant.
  • Spring 1815 Capt. Robert BLOYE with Lieut. James Mac DONALD.
    All this time she was based at Plymouth, serving on the Channel station.
    The work of sloops here at that time was mainly assisting the Revenue to counter smuggling.
  • Capt Samuel ROBERTS, for the Jamaica station.
    He was advanced to post rank 13 June 1815 and appointed to Tay in January 1816; wrecked in Gulf of Mexico off the Yucatan coast on 11 November 1616.
  • Capt. ROBERTS was fully acquitted of all blame for the loss at a court martial held at Jamaica in March 1817.
    Some time after his return, Capt. ROBERTS was entertained at the Commercial Hotel, Waterford, Ireland (where he was born) "by a most respectable assemblage of his fellow citizens who were desirous to manifest their sense of the service which had rendered to his country by a a public testimony of approbation.
    He was appointed to EGERIA (24) in Jan, 1823."

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