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TARTARUS (16) Built in 1806, Topsham.
Sold in 1816.

  • 1806 Thomas Francis MAINWARING, Plymouth.
    In August 1807 she landed troops in Wibeck Bay preparatory to the investment of Copenhagen For the first half of 1808 MAINWARING was moved to VANGUARD then back to TARTARUS in June.
    William RUSSEL was acting commander during his absence.
  • Meanwhile, on 25 April 1808 two boats from TARTARUS and three from DAPHNE under the command of DAPHNE's first Lieutenant, William ELLIOT, went in to the harbour of Flodstrand, near the Scaw.
    The officers from TARTARUS were Lieuts. GITTINS and PATTERSON and midshipmen SEPTFORD, LUSSMAN and ANDREWS. They were towed near the shore by the FORWARD gunbrig and in the harbour they found a number of vessels moored under the castle, the guns of which kept up a steady fire of round and grape.
    They brought out five brigs, two galliots, one schooner and a sloop, all laden with grain and provisions which had been intended for the relief of Norway. An empty galliot was also taken, leaving only two empty brigs in the harbour. One man from TARTARUS was slightly wounded and there were four on DAPHNE.
  • From early in 1808 Capt. MAINWARING was appointed, pro tem. to the VANGUARD (74) while she wintered in the Baltic. He returned to TARTARUS in June.
    In 1810 TARTARUS sank two French privateers off Pillau then brought ex-King Gustavus of Sweden from Riga to England.
  • On the 29 January 1811 a court martial was held on board the SALVADOR DEL MUNDO in the Hamoaze on Mr William Ailett WOODGATE, midshipman of TARTARUS. He was found guilty of using obscene, scandalous and mutinous language while behaving in a riotous manner with other midshipmen in the upper boxes of the Dock Theatre, Plymouth, on the night of the 5 January. He was sentenced to be publicly disgraced by the provost-marshal on the quarter deck of TARTARUS, dismissed his Majesty's service for ever and then to serve two years solitary confinement in the Marshalsea Prison.
  • 1811 John PASCO, Mediterranean.
  • 1812 Serving off the American coast under the orders of Ad. Sir John WARREN he captured 10 American vessels between October 1812 and January 1813:
    Brig FACTOR from Monte Video to Salem on 2 October 1812
    Brig HERO from Portsmouth N. H. to Madeira on 20 October.
    Ship JAMES on 3 November.
    Ship ELIZA from Sumatra to Boston on 25 November.
    Schooner MORNING STAR from Plymouth N. C. to Lisbon on 11 December.
    Schooner ENTERPRISE from Ocrecoke to Portugal on 12 December.
    Schooner INDEPENDENCE from Boston to Washington N. C. December.
    BEDFORD December
    Brig FERNANDO December
    Schooner SALOMA 17 January 1813.
  • 1814 Ditto, Cork.

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