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TANAIS (38) Built in 1813, Rochester (built of fir).
Broken up in 1819.

  • Capt. Joseph JAMES, (red pine) 08/1814, fitting out for the Jamaica Station.
    In May 1815, while TANAIS was at Cartagena on the Columbian coast protecting British trade, Capt. JAMES had a meeting with Simon Bolivar who had been conducting a desultory warfare for the past six weeks with Castilto, the self proclaimed governor of the town.
    Since Bolivar had no cannon and appeared to be making no progress, Capt. JAMES persuaded him to disband his troops and embark on TANAIS with some of his family.
    Shortly after they sailed to Port Royal, Jamaica, in the DECOUVERTE schooner.
    The royalist General Morillo put Castito to death after starving the garrison of Cartagena into submission.
    BOLIVAR would doubtless have shared the same fate.
  • TANAIS paid off at Portsmouth in May 1816, she was not re commissioned.

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