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TAMAR (38) Built in 1796, Chatham (built of fir).
Broken up in 1810.

  • Capt. Paget BAYLEY, 06/1796. Capt. T. B. MARTIN, 01/1797. Capt. Thomas WESTERN, 12/1797.
    Fitting out for the reception of Vice Ad. Lord Hugh SEYMOUR, the newly appointed commander-in-chief of the Leeward Is.
  • On the afternoon of 12 October 1799 Lieut. SENHOUSE of the brig REQUIN arrived at the Admiralty with dispatches from the Vice Admiral in the West Indies dated 31 August. Among them was a letter from Capt. WESTERN described how, on the evening of Sunday 25 August, he had a running fight lasting some 50 hours with a large French corvette which escaped in shoal water during the dark. At daylight he resumed the chase and managed to get alongside her late in the afternoon. Ten minutes later the enemy, by now almost a wreck, struck with the loss of 9 killed and 12 wounded. She was the REPUBLICAINE commanded by Capt. Le Bozee with a crew of 220 men and armed with twenty-four long 9-pounders and eight 32-pounder carronades. She had captured two American vessels during her cruise from Cayenne. TAMAR had two seamen wounded and her sails and rigging were badly damaged. On board the prize were found about seventy slaves taken out of English guinea-men.
  • After a chase lasting eight hours TAMAR captured the French privateer ship GENERAL MASSENA off Barbados on Sunday 1 June 1800. The enemy was pierced for eighteen guns but had only sixteen on board. All the guns save for four brass 12-pounders which, used as stern chasers constantly threw shot over the TAMAR, and her boats and spars were thrown overboard during the chase. She was 40 days out of Bordeaux and during her cruise among the islands had captured the ADVENTURE of Liverpool, bound for Demerara with coal, and two American vessels.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Chatham.

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