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TAMAR (26) Built in 1814, Frindsbury.
Hulk in 1831.

  • 1815 Capt. Charles SOTHEBY, Spithead for Cape of Good Hope.
  • 1817 Capt. Thomas TOKER, 02/1817, Newfoundland.
  • 1820 Capt. Arthur STOWE, Jamaica.
    When Capt. STOWE and 75 of her crew died of fever and she arrived at HALIFAX with scarcely enough men to navigate her, Commodore HUSKISSON appointed Capt. Wilson BIGLAND from BANN to succeed him.
    However Rear Ad. GRIFFITH decided that he would make his own appointment to the vacancy and awarded it to George Richard PECHELL from BELLETTE.
    The Admiralty refused to confirm either appointment and posted Capt. Sir William WISEMAN out of SOPHIE on 22 November 1820 to command her. So Capt. PECHELL was obliged to return to BELLETTE after acting as captain of TAMAR for 6 months, during which time he captured a large pirate brig near San Domingo. She was pierced for 20 guns and carried a multinational crew of 98 men. Her captain had forged commissions from all the independent states of South America.
  • Capt. Thomas HERBERT was posted out of CARNATION at Jamaica on 25 November 1822 to command TAMAR on the same station.
  • 1823 Capt. James John Gordon BREMER was appointed to TAMAR on 18 September 1823 and in February 1824 he sailed with orders to take possession of the northern extremity of New Holland (Australia) and form a settlement on Melville island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and establish commercial contacts with the Malays.
    The attempt failed.
  • TAMAR, accompanied by ATHOLL and PANDORA, sailed from Bombay on 20 December 1826 on the orders of Rear Ad. GAGE.
    On 8 January they were joined off Aden by the Hon. E. I.Co's ship AMHERST, Capt. Maillard, with the British Resident of Mocha and a party of Sepoys on board.
  • On the 10th. they made Burburra where the natives had plundered a brig, MARY-ANNE, master Mr Lingard.
    When the squadron entered the harbour the natives set fire to the town in several places destroying the property of Indian merchants who came under British protection. The ships therefore sent a few rounds of round shot over them and landed 240 men under Capt. JERVOISE of PANDORA to take possession of the town and disperse the crowd of about 2,000 armed natives. A party under Lieut. Jeffrey NOBLE of TAMAR was attacked and one marine killed. An agreement was then made with the local sheikhs for them to pay restitution of 15,000 dollars in three yearly instalments to the master of the brig.
  • Capt. BREMER sailed on the 6th. to make a cursory survey of the bay at Aden which appeared to be an excellent anchorage, before returning to Bombay.
  • TAMAR returned home to Plymouth on 28 November 1827.
  • 1828 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1833 Coal depot at Plymouth.

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