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TAMAR Privateer.
  • 1806 Captain Wilson, operating in the Indian Ocean.
    In September 1806 she captured the French LA BONNE FORTUNE, of the Isle of France, off Madagascar.
    A prize crew of 14 men under John Myers was put on board and the following day, having lost sight of TAMAR, they found the French privateer LE BRAVE (16), with 130 men, bearing down on their starboard side. Mr Myers moved his two larboard guns over to make a broadside of four, loaded them and threw the rest of the ammunition overboard. When the French came within pistol shot, received the fire from the four guns and replied to it, Mr Myers led his small crew down into the cabin and as the French ran them on board they escaped through a port into a boat he had secured on the larboard side. As the two vessels separated Mr Myers and his men pulled round the stern and boarded the BRAVE where they found only four men to oppose them. The vessel was secured and Mr Myers hailed LA BONNE FORTUNE to inform them that he was well satisfied with the exchange.
    When they fell in with the TAMAR a few days later they could not convince them of the true state of affairs and had to pretend to strike after receiving TAMAR's broadside.
  • Mr Myers remained in BRAVE for a few months before being taken by the French frigate TAMISE.

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