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TALBOT (18) Built in 1807, Teignmouth.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1808 Hon. Alex JONES, coast of Portugal.
  • On the 15 June 1804 Mr JONES, then a lieutenant in NAIAD, had been sentenced to be shot for striking Mr DEAN, the senior lieutenant, during a quarrel.
    Mr DEAN was dismissed the service and Lieut. JONES had to wait for ten days to learn that he had been pardoned and restored to his former rank.
    He was promoted to commander 22 January 1806.

  • 1809 Ditto, North Sea.
    On 13 June 1809 he captured a Danish privateer LOVEN off the Naze of Norway after a short chase. She had two long guns on board and 11 men.
  • 1811 Spelman SWAINE, 08/1811, Irish station.
  • On 30 November 1811 TALBOT sailed with the SALDANHA frigate from their base in Loughswilly.
    On Wednesday the 4th. the wind increased to gale force and there was apprehension over the two vessels on a lee shore.
    By Saturday considerable wreckage belonging to SALDANHA had been washed ashore and her loss was confirmed but fortunately TALBOT, which had parted from her a short time before she struck a rock at the entrance to the Lough, had managed to ride out the storm.
  • Afterwards TALBOT was employed giving protection to the Newfoundland and West Indies trade until Capt. SWAINE removed to the STATIRA following the death of Capt. STACKPOOLE in a duel.
    (He was killed by Lieut. CECIL of ARGO who was promoted into ELECTRA but died of yellow fever in 1814.)
  • 1815 William DOWERS, Jamaica.

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