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SOPHIE (18) The privateer PREMIER CONSUL taken from the French in 1798.
Broken up in 1809.

  • 1800 George BURDETT, 10/1799, Spithead.
    A court martial was held on board GLADIATOR at Portsmouth at the beginning of January on Lieut. Thomas VANTHYSEN of SOPHIE.
    He was charged with having gone forward among the crew after a man had been punished and saying in the hearing of the people "If I was the ship's company I would be damned if I did not write against the captain.
    I have taken an account of every man that has been flogged since I have been in the ship." He was dismissed his Majesty's service for ever.
  • After the French frigate PALLAS had surrendered to HARPY and FAIRY off Cape Frehel on 5 February 1800 her crew were divided amongst the 5 British ships then present to be taken to Plymouth.
    The 37 on board DANAE were transferred to SOPHIE off Start Point.
  • SOPHIE arrived at Portsmouth from Ireland on 22 July with the Navy transports SEA NYMPH, HOWARD, MIDDLETON and DILIGENCE under convoy.
  • Two of her seamen were charged with desertion at a court martial on the 30th.
    Bartholomew PORTER was acquitted and Arthur HUGHES was sentenced to 300 lashes.
  • In February 1801 she was off Le Havre with JASON and LOIRE and on 31 March she sailed from Portsmouth with a convoy to Newfoundland.
    SOPHIE returned on 1 September with twelve valuable ships and sailed again the next day with a convoy for the Downs. She arrived in Portsmouth again on 6 April 1802 and sailed for Jersey on 6 May, four days later she was back again.
    On 16 May she was off on a 13 day round trip to take discharged seamen to Dublin.
  • 1802 P. L. G. ROSENHAGEN, 06/1802, Portsmouth.
    He made a trip to Jersey between 8 and 16 July then, on the 23rd., SOPHIE sailed with a number of frigates and sloops to take Dutch troops from Jersey and Lymington to Cuxhaven. She returned on 2 September and on 13 October sailed with RAVEN for Jersey with troops.
    The two sloops returned to Portsmouth again on the morning of the 26th.
    On 7 November SOPHIE left Portsmouth for a cruise off the east coast of Scotland.
    In 1803 she was in harbour at Portsmouth between 11 October and 3 November and on the 28th. she was ordered to Falmouth to collect the ships bound for the Mediterranean.
  • 1805 Ditto, Portsmouth.
  • 1807 W. MANSELL, Nore.
  • 1808 Out of commission at Deptford.

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