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SOLEBAY (32) Built in 1785, Deptford.
Wrecked in 1809.

  • 1799 Capt. POYNTZ, West Indies.
    SOLEBAY returned to Portsmouth from Jamaica on 29 August 1800.
    On 28 October a court martial was held on board SHANNON in Sheerness to try Alexander BROWN, a seaman from SOLEBAY, for desertion and running away with a prize belonging to the ship.
    He was acquitted when the charges were not proved.
  • 1801 Capt. Thomas DUNDAS.
    On 20 August Francis LONG, carpenter of SOLEBAY, was sentenced by a court martial to be dismissed the service for drunkenness.
  • On Saturday 8 August she sailed from Portsmouth with three homeward bound East Indiamen which had arrived from Cork the previous Monday.
    SOLEBAY returned from the Mediterranean on 2 July 1802.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Deptford (floating battery).
  • 1807 R. M. BROMLEY, Sheerness.
    Capt. SPROULE, with Rear Ad. Sir Sydney SMITH.
    At daylight on the morning of 25 November SOLEBAY chased and captured the Spanish privateer lugger ESTRELLA DEL NOSTE, of Vigo, mounting two 6-pounder guns and swivels and with a crew of 35 men. She had nine English prisoners on board from the brig LIBERTY of London which they had taken on the 23rd.
  • 1808 Capt. Thomas BROWN, Spithead.
  • 1809 Capt. Edward Henry COLUMBINE, coast of Africa.
    Small privateers fitted out by the French at Senegal were attacking trade in the neighbourhood so Capt. COLUMBINE and Major Maxwell, who commanded the garrison at Goree, determined to make an attack on the place.
    They proceeded against it on 4 July 1809 with SOLEBAY, DERWENT and TIGRESS and some smaller vessels carrying a detachment 160 men from Goree.
    At first the enemy offered some resistance but when the detachment landed together with 120 seamen and marines, the enemy force of 160 regulars and 140 militia retreated.
    On the 11th. SOLEBAY, in moving up the river, went on shore and was wrecked.
    All her men and most of the stores were saved.
  • The Island of St. Louis and its dependencies surrendered on the 15th., the garrison being conveyed to France as prisoners of war under parole.
    The only losses to the squadron were Capt. PARKER, midshipman SEALY and six seamen, all of DERWENT, who were drowned while trying to cross the Senegal bar.
  • A court martial held at Portsmouth on 11 September found that no blame was imputable to the captain, his officers or his crew for the loss.
    They did find however, that after she went on shore and before she was abandoned four seamen belonging to her, Michael GRACE, Thomas JONES, Charles NILEUS and Robert STORKS, had been in a state of drunkenness.
    GRACE and JONES were sentenced to 150 lashes and NILEUS and STORKS to 50 lashes; they were to all forfeit their pay from 11 July.
    (The carpenter of DERWENT was dismissed the service for being too drunk to take part in the attack on Senegal)

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