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SNAKE (18) Built in 1798, Buckler's Hard (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1816.

  • 1799 J. M. LEWIS, 04/1798, Spithead.
  • 1800 She sailed from Spithead with the African and East India trade on 13 February and was then given up for lost as nothing more was heard of her after she parted company with MELPOMENE and MAGNANIME on 25 March during a dreadful storm.
    However she turned up safely at Portsmouth on 14 October.
  • On 10 November 1800 EURYDICE gave chase to a schooner nine miles off Beachy Head after a collier brig, the DIANA of Sunderland, reported to her that she had been attacked by the schooner and that one of her men had been badly wounded.
    SNAKE joined in the chase and Capt. LEWIS thwarted an attempt by the privateer to cross in front of him. She then lowered her sails and SNAKE's people boarded her.
    The schooner was the HIRONDELLE of fourteen 3 and 4 pounders and 50 men among whom was found an Englishman.
    Commanded by Pierre Dugerdin, she had sailed from Calais the previous day.
    The man wounded in the DIANA had to have his arm amputated by EURYDICE's surgeon, Mr PARDIE.
  • On 28 November SNAKE went into dock at Portsmouth for repair.
  • 1801 Capt. TINLING.
    On 17 January SNAKE was one of a number of vessels sent on separate cruises with orders to detain all Swedish and Danish ships.
  • 1801 W. ROBERTS, to the African station in the summer, then Jamaica in 1803.
    In the spring of 1805 Capt. ROBERTS commanded a small force based at New Providence in the Bahamas.
  • 1805 John BOWEN, West Indies.
  • 1808 Thos.
    YOUNG, North Sea.
    In October 1809 she took the Danish CHRISTIANA (8), off Ber Gen.
  • 1811 William HELLARD, Plymouth.
  • 1812 Leith.
  • 1814 George ROBBIN.
  • 1815 Joseph GAPE, convoy to Mediterranean.
  • 1816 Sheerness.

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