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SKYLARK (16) Built in 1806, Newcastle.
Destroyed in 1812.

  • 1806 Henry Evelyn Pitfield STURT, Downs.
    On the evening of 7 November 1807 SKYLARK captured the French privateer RENARDE, 14, while she was in the act of taking a collier brig off the North Foreland.
    When Capt. STURT called on her to surrender the French attempted to board SKYLARK so he was obliged to open fire, wounding the captain and shooting away the lugger's main mast.
  • 1808 Ditto, Spithead.
    Two courts martial were held on board MAGNANIME in Sheerness during February 1808.
    Mr Albany Thomas WILLIAMS, the assistant surgeon of SKYLARK was charged with absenting himself from duty.
    The court decided that because of his ignorance, only having been a short time in the service, he should be dismissed his ship.
    Lieut. LILLYMAN was charged by Capt. STURT with drunkenness and unofficer-like behaviour but the trial did not proceed because of a faulty indictment.
  • 1809 James BOXER, 11/1808, Downs.
    In August 1809 SKYLARK was with Sir Home POPHAM's squadron in the West Scheldt sounding and buoying the channels to allow the larger ships to advance
  • SKYLARK supported the boats of THEBAN when they brought off a merchant brig from on shore under two batteries near Dieppe on 2 February 1811.
  • Seven miles N. N.W.
    of Cap Gris Nez on the morning of 10 November 1811 Capt. BOXER saw 12 gunbrigs belonging to the Boulogne flotilla standing along the shore to the eastward.
    He gave chase and later saw LOCUST, in shore to windward, standing towards the enemy.
    Between them they managed to cut out one of the French gunboats when the flotilla took refuge in the Calais Roads under the protection of batteries and musketry on the beach. She was No.
    26, with four 24-pounders and 60 men, commanded by Enseigne Bouchet.
    The flotilla commodore was driven ashore but attempts to bring him off had to be abandoned when French troops from Calais got on board.
  • On 3 May 1812 she and APELLES grounded to the west of Boulogne.
    SKYLARK was burnt to avoid capture and her crew escaped in the boats. She was still smoking the following day when APELLES, which had been floated off by the French, was recaptured by BERMUDA, CASTILIAN and PHIPPS.

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