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SIR THOMAS PAISLEY (14) Hired armed brig Hired armed brig with 14 guns and 45 men.
  • 1800 Lieut. NEVIN, Channel Gibraltar.
    PAISLEY sailed from Plymouth on the 15 October for Lisbon, Gibraltar and Tetuan Bay and returned only 26 days later, on the 10 November, with dispatches from Admiral Lord KEITH and General ABERCROMBIE. She left Tetuan Bay on 29 October, Gibraltar on 31st. and her voyage from there had taken only 10 days. She carried as passengers Earl Cavan and his suite.
  • She was docked on the 19th., came out on the morning of the 20th. and was victualled and watered for three months by the evening of the 21st.
    When FLORA was driven ashore in the Hamoaze and bilged on the 21st.
    the dispatches she should have carried to the Mediterranean were taken, at short notice, by PAISLEY which sailed at 2 AM
    on the 22 November.
  • On the 2 December Lieut. NEVIN fell in with a Spanish gun vessel off Ceuta and engaged her for two and a half hours.
    For an hour and a half PAISLEY was becalmed and Lieut. NEVIN was unable to bring a gun to bear, the size of her carronades prevented the two chase guns being moved aft and she was limited to musketry.
    After the master, Mr M. GIBBS was badly wounded, three men were killed and eight wounded and he himself was wounded in three places Lieut. NEVIN was forced to surrender and PAISLEY was taken first to Ceuta and then to Algiciras.

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