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SHEARWATER Built in 1808, Newcastle (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1832.

  • 1809 Edward Reynolds SIBLY, 29/05/1809, fitting out at Chatham for the Mediterranean station.
    On 20 July 1810 SHEARWATER and the frigate EURYALUS were employed in watching a French convoy and a frigate which had been forced to take refuge in Bandol when a division of the Toulon fleet consisting of six sail of the line and four frigates attempted to cut them off.
    Captain Henry BLACKWOOD with WARSPITE, AJAX and CONQUEROR, all 74s, came to their rescue and engaged the head of the French line frustrating their intentions.
    SHEARWATER was repeatedly fired on by a French line-of battle ship but received no hits.
  • 1814 W. R.SMITH, Mediterranean Jamaica.
  • 1820 John Walter ROBERTS, 04/1820, St. Helena, Cape of Good Hope and Mauritius.
    ROBERTS had to jettison all her guns to save the ship during a gale.
    Paid off in Portsmouth at the beginning of 1822.
  • 1822-30 Portsmouth.

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