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SENTINEL (12) Gun-brig Purchased in 1804.
Lost in 1812.

  • 1805 Lieut. CHESTER, Downs.
  • 1807 Lieut. William Elletson KING, Harwich.
  • 1808 Ditto, North Sea.
  • On 20 October 1809 a man went into Mr Tumey's grocery shop in Chatham and made some purchases and asked if he could be given the difference on a quarterly pay-bill.
    Since the bill was for LO.9.6d the grocer sent it to the bank who returned it because the payee's name was blank.
    The customer then filled in the name W. Bell and the bank sent over the money which Mr Tumey handed over, less LO.6.0d.
    The customer asked for his parcels to be sent to Dr Bell at the Chest Arms in Chatham.
    The same man arrived at the Chest Arms the following night and claimed the parcels, he then took a place in the Canterbury night coach under the name of Richards.
  • At the Kent assizes on 21 March 1810 William RICHARDS, surgeon's mate of SENTINEL, was indicted for forging a quarterly pay-bill belonging to W. BELL, the surgeon's mate of the MANLEY gunbrig.
    The above events were described by witnesses and the jury found him guilty.
  • In October 1812 SENTINEL was escorting a convoy through the Baltic.
    After being unable to see land for 36 hours due to the thick weather she, and the whole of the convoy, were driven by the violence of the sea on to the north-east end of the Island of Ru Gen. In spite of the enemy firing muskets at them from the cliffs, Lieut. KING managed to bring all his people off safely and completely destroy the gunbrig.
    At a court martial held on board ZEALOUS off Gothenburg on 21 October 1812, the lieutenant and his officers were acquitted of any blame.

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